Hale O Nā Kāula church, located in the beautiful Kula area of Upcountry Maui, has been part of the Maui community for more than fifty years. We are a close-knit Christian community centered in our Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and it is our desire to live a lifestyle of faith based on its teachings.

Everyone is welcome to attend our services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Walk Free from Illusions

Is it better to be disillusioned or to live in illusions? We easily build illusions about God and what we think He should do for us and in the world around us. When we walk with God we have to be seeking Him and studying His word, and we must do it with the Holy…


Learning A New Culture

My family and I have lived on Maui, Hawaii, for nearly ten years now, and it has been an amazing experience. We are happy to announce we have recently taken the Citizenship test and oath to officially become American citizens, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. One thing that is really…


Upcountry Maui Sunset

Pentecost – Be Changed by Receiving His Love

There were several times throughout Christ’s ministry where He received an impartation of God’s spirit and love. (Matt 3:16-17, Matt 17:5) These experiences equipped Him to do the will of His Father. The disciples were likewise equipped in order to fulfill the commission they received in Matt 28:19-20 to make disciples of the nations. In…