Young Adults School of Prophets – YASP 2017

For the last 27 years, under the direction of Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, we have been having what we call the Young Adult School of Prophets (YASP). It is a concentrated time with our young people where we get into the word and worship, and we also have fun. The program has changed along the years as the needs have changed.

For the last 16 years Debbie and I have been involved in the leadership of YASP and we have seen many of our young adults grow and change, find their own personal relationship with the Lord and find their place in the family.

It is always a delight to see some of the ones that were part of YASP now taking responsibility over areas in our churches. They are actually “taking over the ranch.” This year of 2017 we are looking for and believing for a deeper experience and a continuing growth in their relationship with the Holy Spirit. Most of the kids in the program have been part of the Joshua Generation program, which concentrates on the kids younger than 12 years old. They are already prepared with a foundation in the knowledge of the Scriptures and the teaching of the Word, which has an amazing impact on who they are.

The last couple of days the leadership group was in training, rehearsing their experiences from last year and expressing their expectation for what they are looking for this year. We are seeking the Lord with great expectation. The young people are finding their voice, and expressing their joy, and anticipation to really meet God. Whether we are in service, or playing at the lake, we can feel their energy and drive to press on to know the Lord and see fulfillment in their lives.

I am sure that these days will be remembered in the future by all involved in it as days of an outpouring.

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel began his ministry as a scribe and youth pastor at A Palavra Viva, a prophetic community in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now he and his wife live in Maui and oversee Hale O Nā Kāula church. Daniel is a man of the Word with a true shepherd's heart who is driven to see God's Kingdom established in the earth.