What is God doing in the Earth Today?

What is God doing now? God is working on you!

So the question is, how are you relating to God’s gifts in you? How are you relating to yourself as the temple of the Holy Spirit? How do you relate to the fact that God chose you?

God so loved you that He gave His Son in order for you to have a personal relationship with Him. Every time we put that down, or reject God’s love, we are sinning against the Holy Spirit! You are what you are because of His grace.

Do not despise what He loves. He loves you!

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel began his ministry as a scribe and youth pastor at A Palavra Viva, a prophetic community in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now he and his wife live in Maui and oversee Hale O Nā Kāula church. Daniel is a man of the Word with a true shepherd's heart who is driven to see God's Kingdom established in the earth.