Prayers and Dreams

Our youngest daughter started having nightmares a couple weeks ago and it disturbed her to the point that she was afraid of going to sleep and only wanted to stay in our bed. She kept asking me why this was happening and when it would stop.

I know as a mother our kids look to us to solve all their problems and to have an answer to all their questions, but I knew I couldn’t just “google” this one for a solution.

That is when I saw the perfect opportunity to talk to her about prayer and trust in God. Often there are things we face that are beyond our ability to cope with and we must have faith and look to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for courage and peace of mind.

So, as time for bed came, my daughter and I did our evening routine, and soon she started to get worried she would have the same nightmare again. That is when I hugged her and we voiced a prayer together: “Dear Jesus, I give you the reins of my thoughts. Your love controls my dreams.” Then, as I gently scratched her back, I started reading the book of Psalms to her and she fell asleep peacefully. It was the first time in a while that she stayed in her bed all night. She woke up cheerful and so excited to share a dream she had, which I can only describe as being prophetic.

In her dream she saw things and as she told me about it she gave me answers to things which I have been talking to God in private. It was an amazing experience and now I want more of it.

I am encouraged to pray and continue to read the Psalms in the evening before turning in, instead of only reading the scriptures and praying in the morning as I had been doing.

I want to do this and have sweet dreams. I encourage you to have faith and wait for answers your heart is longing for. They will come.

Psalms 127:2 “For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.”

Debbie Oliveira

Debbie Oliveira

Debbie's spiritual DNA is deeply rooted in The Living Word and the prophetic community at Mount Zion, Brazil. Mother of two beautiful girls, Debbie works hand-in-hand with Daniel to pastor and care for Hale O Nā Kāula church.